Flamingo Razor Reviews

Flamingo Razor Reviews. The conditioning part around the razor is absolutely not conditioning whatsoever. Most customers reported that the razor is particularly hard to use in the first few weeks, but after that, it does feel much better than conventional razors.

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The razor bought as a single unit costs around $9 and replacement blades start under $2 each. You basically had two options: Major major razor burn on both of my legs (i never get razor burn and i usually use cheap single or double blade razors).

I Was Recently Shopping In Target And Stumbled Upon A New Brand Of Shaving Items.

I especially love that each razor comes with a little wall stand you can suction cup to your shower wall, which makes storage much easier. I bought a flamingo razor a few months ago after being a loyal shick customer for years!! I find this razor tugs more at my skin vs billie razors (more on that later) but the shave is good.

The Grip Of The Flamingo Razor Is Made With Rubber By Which You Will Find It Easy To Hold.

From first impressions this razor doesn't look that special. Yes, it has a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design but the overall razor its self looks similiar to an off brand 5 blade (which is what i have been using). Read customer reviews of flamingo razors.

The Star Product In The Flamingo Range, Its Razor Comes With All The Engineering Honed At Its Partner Company, Harry’s, But Tailored For The Female Form.

Flamingo razor reviews #33 in misc #33 in misc. Plus shick brand just wasn’t doing the job anymore, it never felt like i was getting a good enough shave and within hours, i could feel little. The brightly colored and obscenely overpriced gillette venus or that clumsy looking monstrosity from schick.

The Colors Aren’t Quite As Bright As Billie’s, But I Love The Metal Strip, Which Not Only Looks Sleek, But Also Gives The Product A Nice Weight In Your Hand.

Off the bat, i noticed that the joy razor did not feel as high quality as the billie and flamingo razors. After that you can continue to order replacement blades from the flamingo website as needed. That aside, i lather up my legs to do my routine shave and all i have to say is ouch!

I Picked The Taro And Rose Gold, Which Looks More Grey Vs A Subtle Purple In Real Life Than On Photos.

I purchased my flamingo razor in the mint and gold color from target for $9.99 (includes razor, blade refill and shower holder). The team at men's grooming brand harry's has launched a new women's brand, flamingo. The flamingo razor blade has 5 blades.

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