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Moshi Monsters Roxstars. This is from the moshi monsters wiki. The snowies are a moshling set, in moshi monsters, based on creatures related to snow and ice.

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The woodies is a moshling set containing peekaboo and truffle. The screamies is a moshling set, containing glob, marsha, jibbly, randall. The moshlings in this set are captain squirk the zoshling, first officer ooze the zoshling, dr.

Zach Binspin Has Appeared In A Number Of Super Moshi Missions:

I'm not much of a musician but i do like parping my kazoo from time to time. Betty & barbie cherry bomb & bloomerang boomer & rosa. Fingz the zoshling and splutnik the zoshling.

But Even I Felt A Shiver Down My Spine The First Time I Saw The Screamies.

Apparently he lives in a trashcan in brashcan alley. Ballot, empollón, otaku bins things that are not bins he is zack binspin undercover he is a nerd his set is a parody on roxstars but sockrats is cooler Ziggy is based of ziggy stardust, an alter ego of david bowie, in name and biography.

The Snowies Are A Moshling Set, In Moshi Monsters, Based On Creatures Related To Snow And Ice.

Bobbi singsong the jollywood singaling is a common moshling from the roxstars set. Here is a list of all moshlings by set! In moshi monsters egg hunt, waffles the knickerbocker bear is added as a super moshling.

Magic + Pepper + Pepper;

Roxstars 1.0 meet roxstars 2.0. Male if you've never been to jollywood (it's jolly good) chances are you've no idea how famous bobbi singsong really is. But i've grown to love these creepy moshlings.

The Musos Is A Moshling Set Containing Hot Wings, Toots, Vernon And Mumbo.

All credit goes to them. You should have a radient roxy rose. Arties scrumpy · misty · splatter · bodge* beasties humphrey · jeepers · shishi · burnie birdies dj quack · prof.

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